Pattern Ideas

Charmed Playhouses Featuring Gemstone Lights!

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Gemstone Lights Founder Tate Leavitt's brother and sister-in-law created and run the amazing Charmed Playhouses.¬† They recently were featured on the Pickler and Ben show. Where do you think they got their cool lights from? ūüėú

How to create a Ghost Pattern

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How to set up on Wifi The ghost pattern is a favorite for us at Gemstone Lights and our customers. Not sure if you have a wifi or Bluetooth system? If the gem color in your app is green, you have a wifi system. If the gem color in your app is blue,

Halloween LED Lights for your Home or Business

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Halloween Lights LEDAdd some true Halloween spooky to your home today!Imagine the ideas you could create with your current Halloween set up if you added in a permanent LED solution.Here are a few reasons why our lighting solution is great for you if you love LEDs, holidays and lighting:Set them up and never have to take down because

How many colours can you make with Gemstone Lights?

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People often ask, "how many colors can your lights do?" Great question. Millions. This is a big reason why people love Gemstone Lights because they get the flexibility to dream up colors and patterns. Other systems only stick to a majority of the rainbow colors. That's too boring... Custom IOS & Android App The custom