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Avalan Communications

2475 County Rd #20

Oxford Station, ON K0G 1T0

Steve Alexander

Local: (613) 258-6225

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Gemstone Lights Lloydminster

Amy W.

Lighting options for 365 days of the year. We decided to have our daughters birthday party in the front yard a few weeks ago just so we could use our disco lighting effect! We have just a few lights on for none special occasions as accent lighting.
So many choices and so light work!

Lynn S.

Very easy to program accent lighting during non-festive times of the year.
Super excited to have lights in those high peaks and the ability to manage everything via a mobile app!

Robert K.

Love the lights, installer did a fantastic job, lights look great, easy to use, great service from Gemstone. Very very pleased with everything

Cheri G.

I love my Gemstone Lights! I love that I can do different colors, different patterns and have them on for certain holidays. They’re so easy to use and I love them when they’re off that you can’t see them hanging down and look tacky.

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