We are super excited to announce that you can now use the new revamped iOS and Android Gemstone App.

After listening to you (customers) and countless hours of testing, we needed to make the app simpler than ever!

We also released a new training center that will make it much easier for you and customers to use this new app- https://gemstonelights.com/app/

Here’s a high level of the new changes:

  • A completely new look and feel to navigate your patterns
  • Set a timer for any time you want the lights to come on and off (much clearer this round!)
  • Create many patterns and organize into folders!
  • Faster and more reliable connection using WiFi
  • Downloadable patterns- Go here to learn how to do downloads with LOTS of pre-populated patterns (It’s awesome!) https://gemstonelights.com/app/

Download and leave a good review!

**Note- you can continue to use the previous wifi generation app if you want.

*** If you have a Bluetooth only system, this app will work, however, most of the new WiFi designed features won’t work. If you want to upgrade to a new WiFi system, please check in with your installer that you purchased your system with- https://gemstonelights.com/contact/

Download here: